MaxFelt is a high quality synthetic felt that offers maximum traction to roofing crews, as well as proven protection against rain and condensation.

Our felt maximizes efficiency of time spent on the roof, by giving you traction you can rely on, and quality you can have a peace of mind about.

The new standard for #30 felt replacement


Developed by Roofers, For Roofers

Our mission at Max Roofing Products is to educate homeowners, roofing contractors, and the rest of the roofing industry on all the benefits of using synthetically-made felt alternatives versus traditional asphalt based products. Our goal is to provide the safest walking surface in the industry.

We chose the Ram as our logo to associate ourselves with its legendary, surefooted ability to climb the highest peaks. Roofers can expect the same surefootedness on our patent pending walking surface. We designed the product to provide the safest walking surface in the industry and allow roofers to confidently walk on roofs like never before.

Our MaxFelt Products benefit Roofers, Homeowners, and Distributors. Here are some Homeowner benefits:

  • Classified as a green building product
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Provides secondary layer of protection during construction and after
  • Protects home from leaching oils that asphalt can produce
  • Lighter on roof load
  • Provides a warranty. (Traditional felt DOES NOT provide any warranties).
  • Does not rip and blow off during construction or re-roofing
  • Promotes a higher standard of roofing by supporting the UASRC and RRSA

Team Maxfelt has over 100 years of combined experience in the roofing industry.

  • We specifically designed our products and walking surface based on input and product trials by roofers themselves. These product trials and input were from roofers who literally do thousands and thousands of roofs every year.
  • All MaxFelt products are tested extensively.

“Safest walking surface in the industry”
Our focus is replacing 30# asphalt felt with synthetic felt.